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Calvin Martin

Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop

Calvin Martin, a native of Brooklyn, New York, discovered dance at the young age of 6 and for him this would flourish into a opportunity that would change his life.  A big chunk of his training and dedication to the art of dance came when he moved to South Jersey where he pursued  a career in Dance and the Performing Arts.

After High School, Calvin attended Burlington County College (BCC) for his undergrad and trained at Core Movement and Eleone Dance Theater.  It was there he would decide to take his career in Dance seriously while earning a B.A in Theater in Dance with a concentration in African studies.  Calvin would go on to  become a principal Dancer for SKiN Dance company and starting his own Dance team Atomik Legacy. 

With all the training under his belt, Calvin ventured off into Dance Education, which would lead him to working with various schools, companies, and productions around the world including the west coast, east coast Africa and more.  He specializes in Dance Theater, choreography, dance conditioning, and technique.  His motto is that dance was created for the people and should always be given back to the people.  This has fueled his passion for the Performing Arts.

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