Yesenia Adame was born and raised in

Los Angeles and has dipped her toes in most

things entertainment. Yesenia’s desire to

entertain and challenge herself began early

on in gymnastics and dance. After competing

in Gymnastics for several years, she attended

the Los Angeles County High School for the

Arts (LACHSA) where she majored in dance and

minored in theater. At LACHSA she was able to

study ballet, jazz, modern, contact dance and

more. She developed a passion for salsa and

pursued it intently. She then began competing

professionally with her partner, winning

numerous 1st place titles as well as placing 2nd

in the ESPN World Salsa Championships.  

    Yesenia has appeared several times as a special guest performer on “Dancing with the Stars,” and has graced the pages of ads for mainstream companies such as, Old Navy, Disney and Coke Zero, just to name a few. Her television credits also include roles on “Brothers and Sisters,” “CSI Miami,” and “Gossip Girl”.  Yesenia’s film credits include “Angels & Demons” where she was thrilled to work with award-winning producer, Brian Grazer and director, Ron Howard. She can also be seen in “Mano”, a film based on salsa dancing where she is the female lead. Yesenia also had quick success hosting shows for the E! Channel like “That Morning Show”. 

    One of the pursuits Yesenia enjoys most these days is Aerial Dance. She feels her gymnastics and dance background have lead her to this and it is something she is very passionate about. Yesenia finds a lot of fulfillment in teaching other people an art she loves so much. What she loves most about aerial dance is the strength, grace and grit that it requires. Yesenia is so happy to be back at Studio B, this time teaching young artists to dance and tumble in the air. Let’s go Studio B!



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