Carlena Britch is a choreographer,

professional dancer and movement

coach as well as an  actress, director and

writer who continues to break barriers

and standards in all parts of the  

entertainment industry. Being raised in

Vancouver, BC Canada, Carlena found

artistry at a young  age and has used

her unique life experiences to make her

one of a kind mark on Hollywood.  

Carlena first emerged onto the professional dance scene as a Top 7 finalist on Fox's So You Think  You Can Dance. She then began appearing in music videos, awards shows, feature films, and  world tours with artists like Prince, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Pharrell Williams, Beyonce,  Britney Spears, Usher, Jason Derulo, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, J-Lo and many more.  Carlena smoothly transitioned to choreography, movement coaching and directing, giving her  artistic guidance and exclusive visuals to artists like Tori Kelly, LeAnn Rimes, Brassroots  District, and national commercials like Axe, JC Penny and Covergirl.  

Her stand out quality as a performer landed her a recurring role on Paramount’s Lip Sync Battle for 4 seasons, as well as numerous episode of both American Idol and The Voice. She’s been  featured in performances on the MTV VMAs, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards,  iHeart Radio Festival, BET Awards and Teen Choice Awards, to name a few.  

Now, Carlena has found herself at home as an actress working in film, television and  commercials. She can be spotted on the television shows Supernatural, The X-Files, Charmed,  iZombie and Jordan Peele's The Twilight Zone. Her feature film credits include Netflix's Opening  Night, Disney's Camp Rock 2, Stillwater, and the star of Lifetime's You Killed My Mother.  

Merging her two worlds as both a dancer and actress, Carlena spends her time off screen working  to create the next generation of young performers. Knowing just what it takes to “stand out”, she  connects both the body language and performance quality needed to dance for 100,000 person  stadium audiences and combines it with the intimacy and storytelling of on-camera work within  her teaching and mentorship endeavors. Her unique blend of dance styles and narrative expertise  showcase in her original choreography and movement direction.

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