Randee choreographed her first

hip hop piece at 12 years old and it

was love at first sight. She started

her career as the hip hop instructor

at a small studio in Ann Arbor,

MI while also leading her adult

performance group Dance 2XS

Michigan as the Artistic Director.

She then went on to lead the hip

hop program at Studio A Center For Performing Arts in Commerce, MI frequently placing in the top three for large group productions and often taking home judge's choice/recognition awards. She has taught master classes throughout the greater Midwest region and specializes in hard-hitting, high energy choreography. She also has experience with contemporary infused hip hop and jazz funk. Randee's full time job is a Physician Assistant in Internal Medicine in Beverly Hills but she couldn't bear to break away from the dance community. She values bringing fun, yet challenging styles to her classroom while fostering community values and a family atmosphere, always making sure there is room for laughter, fun, encouragement and growth. Randee can't wait to continue her journey with Studio B!