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Our Acro classes consist of three different levels that start with the tumbling basics and grow into tumbling tricks! Our beginner levels will focus on the building blocks necessary for their potential development in dance and overall fitness such as cartwheels, front and back rolls, back bends, handstands. As they progress into our more advanced level, they will tackle things such as front and back walkovers, aerials, and more. This class will also improve their flexibility and strength as dancers.



Aerial silks, also known as aerial tissue, is a fabric that separates into two pieces and suspends from a point on the ceiling. As a beginner aerialist, your goal is to develop your "aerial muscles." You will be introduced to basic hangs, knots, climbs, and a variety of skills and poses. The focus is on tapping into your upper body, core, and grip strength. Our Hoop class uses a lyra, also known as an aerial hoop, to help you develop a new set of skills and strengths. This class is designed for the lyra novice student who wants to learn proper form, great technique, various mounts, and different shapes

Aerial Silks& Hoop


Ballet is the foundation for all styles and helps aide our dancers in becoming stronger in everything they do. Not only will it provide them the basic fundamentals of dance, but it will teach them discipline, work ethic, and give them a greater awareness of their body. Here at Level Up, we focus on alignment, building a strong vocabulary, and improving execution of steps all through a classical-based class.



Contemporary dance is described as a blend of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance, but it also can have a strong Hip Hop influence as well. It allows the dancer to experiment with floor-work, transitions, breath work, and more. In this class, the dancer will also get to build on their personal style with improvisation and receive the tools to become a more confident dancer.



Energetic, upbeat, and hard-hitting, Hip Hop is a way for your dancer to learn how to groove. With a range of teachers, each class will get something different and be able to build their street dance vocabulary. From Jazz Funk to Popping and Locking, these classes will challenge you while having fun!

Hip Hop


Upbeat movement to upbeat music. Our Jazz classes focus on building on the technical foundations in the beginner levels and working our way up to the stylization as they become more advanced. Jazz dance has so many influences and really requires a Ballet class to go along side it. Terminology, transitions, and execution all come from Ballet and will propel your dancer to really excel in Jazz dance. Our Jazz classes will focus on isolations, technique, and stylization, whereas our "Turns, Tricks, & Leaps" classes will give your dancer the tools for competition-based dance tricks.



Dancers ages 10 and up can be considered for Pre-Pointe or Pointe classes offered. Dancers will need to enrolled in a Ballet class as well as be evaluated in order to take the appropriate class as well as purchase the correct shoes. In order to be evaluated, please contact us and we will set up an appointment with our Studio Director. 



This class is open to all levels! It is very important that dancers involve themselves in some sort of cross-training in order to not only strengthen their bodies, but to keep their bodies safe from injuries. This class will be taught by a certified personal trainer and help improve your dancer's flexibility and strength, as well as give them the tools to train at home. 

Stretch & Conditioning


We have two levels of Tap here at Level Up. Our Beginner level requires little-no experience and will focus on the basics of tap dance with terminology and execution, whereas our Intermediate-Advanced level requires previous experience in Tap and will aim to grow your dancer's knowledge of tap steps and history.



Give your dancer an extra class to focus on their favorite things - turns and leaps! This class will help give your dancer more individualized attention in order to execute those hard steps they've been working on. A Jazz class is required in order to be enrolled in this class as they will need technical experience for their own safety. Dancers will focus on many different types of turns and leaps throughout this class and even learn some new tricks that they see on shows such as So You Think You Can Dance!

Turns, Tricks, & Leaps
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